Who We Are

Duane and Nancy Riffenburgh have been married for 28 years and have three
children Andrew, Grace and Rachel. They all live in mountains of southern California,
Over the years they have traveled from coast to coast of the United States and have
been chased by tornadoes, encountered gangsters (no they didn't go out with
prohibition), had scarlet fever, evacuated from forest fires and lived through a 7.1
point earthquake.  

Through our audio drama anthology series, Creation Adventure Family, we hope to
inspire people in their walk with God.

Through our website, you can learn more about living the adventure of the Christian
life. Full of Links to helpful articles and fun websites.

Our Interests

We are a family striving to live out our faith and incorporate it into every area of our
life. The Bible is true, real and accurate and what it says must be heeded.
We are interested in spreading the word about the Bible, the truth contained therein
and truly exercising the dominion mandate by enjoying God's creation from a proper
perspective. We are also interested in telling the stories people who have lived
spiritually abundant lives.
About Us