We are working on creating more homeschool resources of our own, but we have
included on this page some of the articles and resources that have helped or
educated our family the most. Best of all they are all FREE.
Bible translations
Adventure Technology sites
(These have maps and information to help
keep you in the know)
Google Earth (Great 3-D maps of anywhere
in the world)
USGS Earthquake Maps (statistics and
locations of earthquakes around the world)
NOAA Weather Maps Information and Advisories
(particularly important when traveling through
tornado territory during the season)
The Federal Bureau on investigation (F.B.I.)
(wanted posters and safety tips)
Article Directory
Historical documents
More to come......
The National Air and Space Administration (NASA) Photo Gallery
(Great images of the Earth and outer space)
© Duane Riffenburgh 2011
Audio Messages

Dr. Francis Schaeffer
Building Plans

Treehouse Building tips (A new tip every month)
G.I. Joe vehicles
Make a Jeep out of a Juice Box
Make a rubber Band Gun
Educational Videos

The Hearing Ear-Dr. David Menton
The Seeing Eye-Dr. David Menton
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made-Dr. David Menton
Intricacies of Flight-Andy McIntosh
Classic Literature

Robinson Crusoe
Swiss Family Robinson
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