Rick Wraith, Detective Rick Wraith and
The Creation Adventure Family are
Trademarks of the Duane Riffenburgh
Family and The Creation Adventure
Family © 2011
"While many Christian dramas have come on the
scene, Rick Wraith is truly unique. It's charm is
found in that it accurately captures the sound of
the old-time dramas from the golden days of radio
sleuths. With an action-packed story, detective
Rick Wraith and son, Andrew, use Scriptural
principles to unravel the plot
of evil men!"

- Pat Roy, Creator of the
Jonathan Park Audio
It was great!

- Dave Hart, KWBB 105.5 FM.
Southern California

I really enjoyed it!...The mystery was very well
planned out, …..I'd give both parts 4 stars out of 5

- Austin P.
New Mexico


- John Henry L.
Northern California